Summer of Hope

We have termed our summer of 2014 “The Summer of H.O.P.E.”

H – Hearts we want to touch, hands we want to join, homes we want to reach.

O – Outreach & Opportunities

P – People we want to minister to/reach. Programs we want to provide.

E – Evangelism; everything we do should reach people with the gospel of Christ.

Our summer is jam packed from Memorial Day to Labor Day with classes, camps, retreats, games, mission trips, ministries… and more.The summer is our busiest season, but it is also our lowest time budget receipt wise. Our challenge is to reach/exceed our budget this summer. That means we must average $15,300 per week for 15 weeks for a summer goal of $229,500; doing this will allow us to provide hope for our families, community, city, and world.

Here is the challenge:

Group 1 – Those that give nothing monetarily to the budget/ ministries of Agape; will you begin to give something and grow in your stewardship?

Group 2 – Those who give some amount but not a tithe; will you seek to obey God’s Word and bring the tithe into His storehouse? God will bless your obedience!

Group 3 – Those who already give a tithe/offering; will you move toward a real sacrificial level of giving? Perhaps to deed some property, sell something, give an estate. When Agape becomes debt free we will have $400,000 more every year to do missions/ministry… let’s do it.

If all three groups will do their part we will reach our goal.  Why? It’s all about H.O.P.E.! Here is the amazing thing… if we can reach this goal in the summer, we can reach it all year long. And church, we must if we’re to give out this H.O.P.E.

How are we doing?