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Date Posted Title Excerpt Listen Downloads
Aug 31, 2014 Are You His Follower Tough Text – Dr. Roger Mardis, Are You His Follower Listen Download
Aug 24, 2014 Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign Dr. Roger Mardis – Tough Text, Mark 16:9-20: Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign Listen Download
Aug 18, 2014 Jacob I Have Love – Esau Have I Hated Dr. Roger Mardis – Tough Text: Mal. 1:1-5Jacob Have I Loved Esau Have I Hated Listen Download
Aug 10, 2014 John 6 – Eat my Flesh Parker Smith – Tough Text: John 6 Eat My Flesh – John 6 Listen Download
Aug 3, 2014 Is Your Spiritual Life Cooling Roger Mardis – Tough Text: Is Your Spiritual Life Cooling Listen Download
Jul 27, 2014 A Dangerous Prayer Max Croft – A Dangerous Prayer Listen Download
Jul 20, 2014 The Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven Dr. Roger Mardis – Tough Text: The Sin That Cannot Be Forgiven Listen Download
Jul 13, 2014 Nothing is Impossible Roger Mardis – Tough Text Series: Nothing Is Impossible Listen Download
Jul 6, 2014 How Is Your Hate: Understanding True Discipleship Tough Text Series:  Roger Mardis – How’s Your Hate-Understanding True Discipleship Listen Download
Jun 29, 2014 Is Your Heart In Tune With God – Max Croft Associate Pastor, Max Croft delievers message called Is Your Heart In Tune With God Listen Download