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May 4, 2014 Surviving Life’s Storms (Mark 4) – Life is filled with adversity.  You are either in a storm, headed towards a storm or coming out of a storm. Surviving Life’s Storms Listen Download
Apr 27, 2014 When The Saints Get Sick (Acts 15) - When The Saints Get Sick Listen Download
Apr 20, 2014 Healthy Churches Celebrate Easter Sunday Message – (Acts 2) Healthy Churches Celebrate Listen Download
Apr 13, 2014 Godly Living, Godly Giving (1 Corinthians 16:1-2)  Godly Living Godly Giving Listen Download
Apr 6, 2014 Healthy Churches Pray (Matthew 21:13) –  Healthy Churches Pray Listen Download
Mar 30, 2014 Warm Water, Broken Bread and Holy Hearts (Acts 2:41-42) Understanding the ordinances of Baptism and The Lord’s Supper. From the “Healthy Church” series. Listen Download
Mar 23, 2014 How’s Your GO-ology? (Acts 1:8) Serving Christ locally, regionally and globally in missions and ministries.  A challenging message from the “Healthy Church” series. Listen Download
Mar 16, 2014 Church Leadership Leadership in a healthy church has both responsibility and accountability.  The church is also responsible for how it follows God’s leaders.  (I Tim. 4:12, ff) Listen Download
Mar 9, 2014 It’s Time to Grow Up (Eph. 4:11-15)  A message by Dr. Roger Mardis about continuing to grow and mature in discipleship.  From the “Healthy Church” series. Listen Download
Mar 2, 2014 Let the Church Be the Church Message by Associate Pastor, Dr. Max Croft, about becoming all that God intended the church to be as seen in the model of the early church.  (Act. 2:42-47) Listen Download