Psalm 118:14 The Lord is my strength and my song, he has become my salvation.

To worship God is to rightfully acknowledge who He is, to surrender to Him, and to enjoy Him. That is not only true of worship in our life individually but also worship corporately as we come together weekly. Each week our worship team seeks to create an environment where our attention is directed to God and our affection for Him is deepened.

Our worship services reflect our congregation which is a blend of all generations. We have a blended style that includes both traditional and contemporary music. New ears need to hear old songs and old ears need to hear new songs. Our desire is to sing songs that teach us truth about God and point our hearts to Him. Our styles vary from week to week including different vocal groups, rhythm section, choir, bluegrass, and piano.

Worship Team
We welcome all who consider Agape their home church and have a desire to serve to be a part of the worship team. Our worship team is open to both youth and adults. We have three different parts of the worship team. There is the vocal, band, and tech teams. Rotations are available to serve once a month, twice a month, or every week. We have weekly rehearsals and also have music made available online to rehearse at home.

Vocal- Whether as a choir or ensemble, our vocal team will help serve in each Sunday morning service. Rehearsal is Wednesdays from 7:20pm-8:20pm.

Band- Our typical band includes guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, and drums. Other instruments are occasionally used based on the style of music we are trying to create. Rehearsal is Wednesdays from 7:20PM-8:20PM and Sundays from 8:15am-8:45am.

Tech- Our tech team helps with the audio and video during the service and recording each service.

Solos- We occasionally will have a vocal or instrumental solos during the service.

Music Lessons
It is our desire to grow a community of worship and musicianship at Agape. One way we do this is by offering free music lessons (guitar, bass, and piano) for all who call Agape their home church. Our hope in giving these lessons is to give people a resource to help them connect with God privately and also point people to Him corporately.

For questions or further information on music lessons or how you can become part of Agape’s worship team, contact our church office at 256-574-5992 or email Brad.